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The Extra Light Project (Serbo-Croatian)
Saša Karalić
Text published in the book Religious imagination and contemporary media
- medialization of religion and/or religization of media
published by CEIR, Belgrade, Serbia
August 2010

Some 'extra' words (English)
Steven ten Thije
Text for leaflet published on the ocasion of The Extra Light Project
October-December 2009

De Verdwijnende Kerk (Dutch)
Désanne van Brederode
Lecture given at the opening of The Extra Light Project
Lloyd Hotel - Cultural Embassy
2 December 2009

Was Jesus dan niet de zoveelste gek? (Dutch)
Saša Karalić and Jean-Jacques Suurmond
Pre-publication of the book Becoming Christian / Christen worden
in Dagblad Trouw
30 November 2009
Sparking a different light (English)
Willem van Weelden
Introduction for the catalogue published on the ocassion of the Fiction Level exhibition
25.02 - 26.03.2009
Museum for contemporary art RS, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina