Saša Karalić


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On Certainty
(with Bas Medik)
Two-channel video installation, 15 minutes, 2008

The main character in this two-channel video installation is confronted under a strong spotlight with series of questions that he has to answer. The questions range from general ones ('How many days contains one week?') to personal ones ('Who wouldn't you kill in self-defense?')
Every time when the character believes that he gave a correct answer, he receives the punishment to run for 25 seconds. The only way to avoid the punishment is to not to tell the truth on purpose.
As 'right' and 'wrong' answers are guided by character's physical constitution and condition, the video points out at different 'interests' that are involved in knowledge production.

"The series of questions are confusing, not only to the character who is obliged to answer, but also to the viewer. The questions put you in the position of doubting basically everything that is uttered: both the answers and the questions. The work functions as a deconstruction of the certainties and 'truths' we have constructed. The communicational breakdown of this 'system of knowledge' sparks the desire to start anew, and reinvent the structure that allows communication to happen. With this breakdown and the desire for a new level of understanding, Karalic creates a meta-level in the relationship between the intentional object (work) and its aesthetic response."

(Willem van Weelden)

Installation at Museum for contemporary art RS | Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2009

Production still

Production still