"When the difference between the vision and one's faith borders the grotesque ridiculous and improbable, the Church working through its corporatescrutinizing mechanisms rejects such a vision as not of God."

"The supernatural is not a theoretical concept but a positive fact. Such a fact can be known only if the beings or powers search behind the sensory 'veil'.
It is manifested through revelations, miracles and apparitions."

Episcopal Investigation Committee, Vatican

"The Heiligschein, or holy light, is a retro-reflection that originates when dewdrops focus sunlight on blades of grass. Sunlight is brought to a crude focus behind a water drop at a distance of about 0,7 times the drop radius.
If the concentrated light leaving the drop immediately strikes a blade of grass, part is reflected back, is intercepted by the drop, which, acting as a lens, returns the light back towards the sun and our eyes. Owing to these deficient image-forming properties of water drops, the light does not undergo a deviation of precisely 180' but rather comes out in a distribution that is a few degrees across: the heiligeschein.
Virtually all surfaces have this tendency to scatter light backwards."

Lynch and Livingston, Colour and light in nature

He said: "Come."
So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus
but when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out:
"Lord, I'm drowning!'

Jesus turn around, saying to him:
"O man of little faith, what else did you think?"
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