Saša Karalić | Eight works

WORDS AND GESTURES (2022) was produced in the framework of the exhibition "Scoring the Words" at the Seoul Museum of Art. The work was conceived, performed and recorded during a workshop at the museum in October 2022. It is based on the Korean political issues that the participants of the workshop brought out, discussed, and then, with the help of the group, turned into short statements. These statements were delivered together with physical gestures; the gestures were not intended to illustrate the words, but rather to serve as their physical manifestation and extension.


The words and gestures were offered as an accidental public appearance. Despite the fact that they were recorded and turned into a single channel video, the emphasis was on the process of negotiating and exercising political presence in public space. This public appearance was based on the idea of language as a manifesto, that recalls affective experience in the context of social movements. Participants utilized their voices and bodies in public space to generate social meaning, emerging as both a political moment and a collective bodily experience.




Words and Gestures, 2022, video stills